Welcome ! Please enjoy yikin.com, founded in 2001 by Jérôme Soulat

May the answers of Yi Jing bring the harmony to you. Thus an only wave will connect you to the others, the world, yourself.

This site has the role to make you discover the ancestral oracle of I Ching. It acts of a method, of a ritual which indicates a symbol starting from a probabilistic method. This symbol indicates one of 64 texts called HEXAGRAMMES of the "Book of the changes". Sometimes, a second figure indicates a HEXAGRAMME of change. It supplements the answer.

Introduction : The method of pulling used is the old method of the stems of achillée. It thus respects the true probabilities and not the modern aproximation of pulling by the coins.

The Council : Prepare a question and note there in writing, or choose to question Oracle during a significant change in your life, a ceremony.

If you prefer carry out the interrogation of Oracle yourself, (and I hope that you will come there!), many files are at your disposal

These texts treat methods of pulling, interpretation of each hexagramme, history of Oracle, theory of probability, etc.






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