Interpretation of changes

It is necessary to consider all the hexagrams as situations. Their degree of instability is given by the number of lines not in place, i.e. of lines yin in odd position or yang in even position. Instability is not inevitably bad and must be studied on a case-to-case basis.

It is very often there that the changes will clarify interpretation. The changes indicate from where the change is carried out.

It is clear that starting from a given situation, a change can be beneficial or malefic. Certain changes reinforce, others erode, others finally may break down the building.

For example, in the hexagram 50 (the Cauldron), it is certain that a change in line 6 is favorable, because it will set up at the right place the higher line related on wise, insane, spirituality. But pay attention! Any change towards a position in place is not necessarily positive. In same the hexagram, the change of line 4 is not favorable. Why? Because the general instability of the hexagram is creative (yang pure low intern) and the change of 4 would reveal a dangerous inertia (higher mountain) which will prevent the boiling from being really productive.

A concrete example: Madam X wishes to expose her paintings in the gallery Y and consults oracle. She obtains the hexagram 50 with a change on the fourth line

That means that the gallery will probably refuse the exposure, or if it accepts, it will impose an inadequate presentation. Nothing is then lost. It is necessary to work in this case the concept and the sales leaflet to convince by the top, by giving strong and striking arguments.

What to do when several lines transfers?

When one studies a drawing with several changes, it is necessary to be careful in the analysis:

One can consider indeed that the texts of the lines say to us: Here what would occur if the hexagram transferred ONLY by this line. So more than two lines transfer, several trigrams will be affected, modifying in-depth the principal hexagram.

Let us take an example: the hexagram 63 (after the achievement) is structured perfectly. All the lines yang are in odd position while the yins are in even position. The change of an unspecified single line thus marks the end of this harmony. However, a balanced situation is rather sterile. It lacks vital force (in thermodynamics, one would speak about differential of potential). If several lines of our hexagram 63 transfer, perhaps they will create the tension necessary to achievements. If lines 2 and 5 transfer simultaneously (strong features of the two trigrams), then we obtain peace (hexagram 11). If lines 3 and 6 transfer, we obtain Increase (hexagram 42), particularly favorable to great projects, which was unthinkable in the initial situation.

What to do if no line changes?

In theory, if no line transfers, one will read only the comment and the judgement. However, the reading of all the lines makes it possible to see how could change the situation. But I advise it only with the experienced people because one leaves the aspect diagnosis of Yiking to penetrate in the world of the syncretic magic. If no line transfers, it is necessary to impregnate described situation and to attempt to see its balances beyond the simple idea of line in the right place or not in the right place