Free reading 2

In the play of the life, the distribution of the roles takes place only one time: with the birth. And numbers it possible characters is limited more than in comedia del arte. Man or woman. Male or female. Also it is trying to draw a conclusion for the total interpetation from it from Yi-King. It informs us about reality with an acuity quite higher than the Western design which too often, presents this reality like an intangible factor, external with the human one. However we are persuaded that there does not exist of reality, that thought, imagined or dreamed. There is not reality without a theory, was it based on the superstition, the religion, the po√†¬ętic illumination, or science.

Consequently, if Yin and Yang alone make it possible to explain the universe, it is not at the price of a simplification of reality, but quite to the contrary at the price of a judicious adjustment of the theory of reality to this impossible to circumvent made: very human is man or woman. The symbol of the TAO completes this right vision while insisting on nonthe separability of these two concepts. One cannot exist without the different one.

Moreover, the favorable hexagrams more are those where the majority of the lines are in their place. Luminous and male yang on the rows odd, the yins, obscure (like the promise of shelter of a cave), and females on the even rows. I thus deduce some, with the risk to attract me the lightnings of the followers even of Yi-King that if oracle is powerful, if the Book of changes a so clear-sighted symbol of the Universe, it gives is by its adequacy with human cognitive qualities.