50 stems at the beginning

1 is isolated definitively because one could not claim to hold the whole between his fingers

We proceed then to 3 transformations.

Each transformation consists with:

to divide into two heaps having at least two rods.

To draw aside a stem of the heap of right-hand side.

To count the stems by four in each heap. The remainder (1,2,3 or four stems) is isolated.

At the end of the third transformation, one counts the number of heaps of four rods.

This figure indicates the result for the first line.

6 old yin (even) who will transform itself soon into yang

7 young yang (odd)

8 young yin (even)

9 old yang (odd) who will change soon into yin

It is thus necessary to take again the 49 stems and to start again this operation until obtaining the six lines of the hexagram. Attention with always registering them upwards! Each group of 3 lines indicates which trigram is designé