Yi-King, or Book of changes is sometimes called also the book of the transformations.

Contrary to the majority of the works, time is his main writer. And what a time! Centuries gave birth to its pages, of the millenia distilled its power slowly. From now on, Yi-King forms a coherent unit, in spite of the successive contributions of the authors. As by magic, and because it is the book of change, Yi-King survives progress.

Its implicit representation of the universe has a force which no science can break.

The occident, always ready with disrespect, sticks especially to a characteristic of the text without seeking to include/understand its meaning. This characteristic is the possibility of using Yi-King like oracle. Unfortunately, the Western culture too easily associates oracle to divination. And here are that flower of the botched works from avid charlatans, claiming that Yi-King can predict the future.

Actually, Yi-King can make much more than that.